U.S.-Africa Business Summit 2016 Press Release

Plexus Consulting Managing Partner Kai Wulff, Ph.D has concluded a successful conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Several opportunities to bring US Franchises to Africa and develop franchise systems on the continent were discussed and the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) will be the bridge into Africa.

There is increasing interest in supplying material to the RGV and manufacturing unique products for the US and Central American market using the facilities in the Valley.

Africa is fast becoming an important trading partner.

Should you be interested in participating in those opportunities please contact: Kai.wulff@plexus-group.com

Plexus Consulting LLC headquartered in the border region of Mexico in Brownsville with Managing Partner Kai Wulff is using Emerging Market and start-up experience paired with a network of seasoned partners around the globe to build lasting and profitable bridges between markets, investors, inventors, entrepreneurs and educational institutions.

Plexus takes the risk out of investing in unknown business models and foreign markets by applying market and product specific best practices during any due diligence and mergers and acquisitions activity. From planning to implementation, Plexus is your partner of choice for investments and activities out and into emerging markets.

Plexus believes that creativity and knowledge in new markets needs to be harvested, and opportunities that are mutually beneficial can be created, through a structured but creative process.

Plexus is there should you want to optimize your operations, test your systems against fraud and loss, cut costs or develop new products. The Plexus team will assist you should you want to implement your brand or concept in emerging markets, or if your brand exists in emerging markets you want to jump into Europe or the U.S. Specific examples in Africa include the African Safari Club restructuring, the Nashua One project and the creation of companies like Kenya Data Networks (Liquid Telecoms).

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