Network Enhancements Require Temporary Office Closure

Valued Clients, Colleagues and Friends of the Firm:

Burton McCumber and Cortez, LLP will close our offices in order to install a firm-wide Computer Network upgrade. Our Brownsville and McAllen Offices will close beginning Thursday, November 21st and reopen on Monday, November 25th. As a firm we will attend training classes at an off-site location during this office closure. These upgrades should enhance our ability to serve you and we are looking forward to working with you and our new system upon our return to the office.

From Thursday, November 21 until Monday, November 25th our operations will be completely shut-down. We will not have access to computer files, applications or email services. The automatic attendant for our phone system will be engaged. Everyone will have access to their voice mail messages on our phone system along with their mobile phones and any text messages sent to their mobile phones.

On Monday, November 25th our operations on the new network will commence and our offices will be open. We anticipate the start-up to move in stages with small groups of people getting back on line and back to work gradually throughout the day. We anticipate everyone will be back on-line by Tuesday morning, November 26th.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have an urgent need so we may assure you are not inconvenienced during this time frame.

Thank you for choosing us to be your CPA firm,

The Partners, Managers and Staff of Burton McCumber and Cortez, LLP