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Deduction Limits or "Phase-out" Thresholds - 2015 vs 2014

Posted: 02/24/2015, Author: Javier Alarcon, CPA

IRS Direct Pay - A New Way to Pay Your Taxes

Posted: 12/15/2014, Author: Artemio "Art" Lopez, CPA

Outsourcing The Internal Audit Function

Posted: 11/17/2014, Author: Luis A. Lopez, CPA, CFE

Form 1099-MISC – the Most Disregarded Annual Report

Posted: 2/10/2014, Authors: Rebecca Martinez, CPA, and Crystal Gonzalez-Solis, CPA

Importance of Timely Filing Required Foreign Reporting

Posted: 12/03/2013, Author: Richard Walker, CPA (Partner)

It’s That Time of Year to Look at the Big Picture

Posted: 11/19/2013, Author: Ricky Longoria, CPA, CFE (Partner)


Posted: 10/23/2013, Author: Ricky Longoria, CPA, CFE (Partner)

And The Results Are In… FRAUD DOES EXIST!

Posted: 6/17/2013, Author: Ricky Longoria, CPA, CFE (Partner)

Texas Business Personal Property Tax Renditions due April 15, 2013

Posted: 4/8/2013, Author: Paulette Gillum, CPA (Controller)

Internal Controls and Small Businesses

Posted: 2/14/2013, Author: Ben Pena, CPA, CFE (Partner)

How Will You Answer These Two Questions?

Posted: 1/3/2013, Authors: Gregg McCumber, CPA (Partner) and Richard Walker, CPA (Partner)

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